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WLST – Modular Scripts to create/destroy WLS resources

This post shows how to create modular WLST scripts to create weblogic resources. The principal followed was to keep the actual resource names and attribute values for the resources separated from the jython script used to create those resources. Each … Continue reading

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Implementing in-memory,clustered, stateful counter in OSB using Coherence

This post shows how to leverage Coherence to implement an in memory ,clustered , stateful counter in OSB. The counter is clustered means all managed servers in the cluster share the same counter and the sequence is mantained across all … Continue reading

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Accessing Domain Value Maps in OSB using Custom XPath

As all know, current version of OSB doesn’t support DVM out of the box. So if you want to do lookups for a large amount of data then doing it in a Xquery or doing database lookups becomes bit complicated … Continue reading

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