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WLST – Modular Scripts to create/destroy WLS resources

This post shows how to create modular WLST scripts to create weblogic resources. The principal followed was to keep the actual resource names and attribute values for the resources separated from the jython script used to create those resources. Each … Continue reading

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Mapping Network drives in Weblogic (Windows)

In situations where you need to talk to a remote file system from OSB running in Windows machines, you need to map the remote file system to a local drive letter. This scenario caters for two requirements. 1. When you … Continue reading

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Resolving SSL Renegotiation issue in OSB – IIS Server 2 way SSL

A friend of mine recently faced this SSL handshake¬† issue when configuring OSB to do a¬† 2 way SSL with an IIS server hosted by Microsoft. OSB was at the client side and was trying to access a webservice provided … Continue reading

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Connecting to secured foreign JMS destinations from OSB / weblogic MDB

A secured foreign JMS destination is one in which an user credential is required to pass to carry out various operations (send, receive etc) on it. Weblogic JMS used the userid on the thread for this purpose while many other … Continue reading

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Auto Restart of WL Servers after system crash using Node Manger

Faced this interesting issue in Windows 2008 environment. Managed Servers were started by node manager and it was expected that on a system restart after a crash, the node manager will restore the state of the managed servers to the … Continue reading

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Weblogic Filtering Classloaders

At one of my previous customer, we had an ALSB 2.5 installation which uses XMLBeans 2.2 internally for processing XML. There was a requirement to validate inbound XML messages against a 3rd party schema. The schema had some constructs which … Continue reading

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